Terror Trio?

[ Terror, originally performed live and recorded in August 2021 was released 24 September 2021. Sean Sever and Motikko of the duo +one are working on releasing three new versions of this track and plan to release them as singles as well as part of an EP / mini album soon.  Soon as in 1 November 2022 🔥 ]

[ Two remixes, one for pre/post peak time and another to slot in your peak time sets, are nearing completion alongside an original remaster aiming to improve audio fidelity of the original live performance ]

[ +one has been incredibly resourceful in getting out these two remixes without having any access to an original project or stems 🤯 ]

[ The source material that they worked off of was a previous master of the original recording. It was somewhat bass heavy with indistinct vocals and presented with audio artefacts 😱 ]

[ These new tracks were sent over to beatlab RU⁴⁴ for mixing and mastering and from what we've been able to listen to so far internally sounds great!  Great job to both +one and beatlab RU⁴⁴ for getting this sounding so good! ]